Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet Available in Rural Elkhorn and Whitewater

A massive improvement over your existing internet connection, Edge Broadband Fiber connects directly from your residence to our central office and offers lightning-fast speeds of up to 1000Mbps (1Gbps).

Our media needs are increasing daily – working from home – virtual learning – and streaming entertainment – and are becoming more interactive. High quality images and and lag free video are on demand. Fiber has the capacity to make this a reality without interruptions.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is an optimal solution to meeting the demands of the future. Edge Broadband is currently making it available in a variety of communities throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

View the interactive map on the right to see where fiber is live and where we are expanding!

How It Works

For fiber internet, a fiber cable is connected to your house via a fiber unit mounted on the side of your house by other utilities. The cable runs from the fiber unit and connects to a power adaptor and wireless router in your house.

What to Expect

For broadband customers, here’s what to expect:

  1. Edge Broadband verifies that your address is within our coverage area.
  2. Edge Broadband reaches out to discuss the specifics and schedule your installation.
  3. On the day of the installation, technicians will arrive in your 2 hour window to install your fiber line. We will temporarily lay the fiber line on your lawn from the box at the road to our grey modem box or Network Interface Device (NID) installed on your home and mark it with orange flags. The tech will install a line from the NID inside your home to your wireless router.  
  4. After the installation, Edge Broadband will contact Diggers Hotline for them to come mark other buried utilities the path of your temporary fiber line. Edge Broadband will then come back and bury the line within 1-2 weeks, weather permitting. 

Standard installation fee: $299

Installation Fee Discounts:

  • Get $99 off of the standard installation fee if you choose our Premium Managed Wifi service for at least the 1st year with us .Choose one of the following service plans and receive an additional installation discount:
  • PowerEdge Fiber: $50 installation discount
  • UltraEdge Fiber: $75 installation discount
  • GigEdge Fiber: $100 installation discount

Upgrade Options

 For our fiber internet service, you can use your own router or purchase one from another retailer.

For an additional $8.99 per month, you can opt-in for our Managed WiFi Service. Our managed WiFi service includes a premium WiFi6 wireless router, with included remote and onsite WiFi support (onsite support only after remote troubleshooting is completed, additional charges may be applied if onsite service call is for issues not related to our managed WiFi), free software upgrades and replacements if the router was to fail

Managed WiFi customers may also add-on residential VoIP phone services for $25/month. Our VoIP phone service features unlimited local and long-distance calling with standard calling features (i.e. call forwarding, call blocking, and caller ID).

Fiber Internet Pricing

All prices shown are what you pay, all taxes and fees are included. 
There is a one-time $299 installation fee for all packages*
*$99 discount applied to normal installation of $299 when you sign up for Managed WiFi

Great for web browsing, social networking, email, online shopping, music streaming, and gaming.

Great for web browsing, social networking, email, shopping, music and video streaming, chat and video chat.

Does everything the PowerEdge package will do plus 4k HD movie streaming, online gaming, and multiple users.

All Plans Include:

Private IP

All services provide a private shared IP.  If you require your own public IP, please contact us and request a public IP.


The mounting brackets, 100ft of wiring, and all necessary hardware is included. We connect our wire to your PC or your wireless router. Charges may apply for extra hardware needed.


You receive a free fiber modem rental. If this device is broken during a storm, we replace it free of charge. 


We are based right in Elkhorn. We are available for fast, local, friendly support. Charges may apply for PC support and repair.

Upgrade Your Internet Service

High-speed, scalable internet with local and reliable support available 24/7