About Edge Broadband


After years of frustration with poor internet service from large companies, Brian Madl was determined to find a way to bring high-speed internet to the Whitewater Lake area. He started with his own home, then his neighbors, and shortly after founded Edge Broadband in 2012  (formerly known as Whitewater Wideband).

Brain’s goal was to bring high-speed internet to an under served market that had been ignored by the large companies. In the beginning, Edge Broadband solely offered wireless internet service. The wireless internet service was an improvement from the current service offerings, but would not be a long-term solution.

To provide the best possible internet in the long run and to improve scalability, Edge Broadband began to construct its Fiber network. Compared to wireless internet, fiber optic reaches further distances, provides faster upload and download speeds, and can withstand weather conditions without downtime.

Edge Broadband is a locally owned, family-owned, and veteran-owned business based in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Brian continues to work closely with his team to extend the fiber network throughout Walworth and Jefferson counties.

The Edge Broadband Advantage

Reliable High-Speed Internet

At Edge Broadband, we continue to keep pushing the edge to serve you better and faster. We deploy, maintain, and utilize the latest technology available.

Friendly Customer Service

Edge Broadband is dedicated to friendly service and customer satisfaction. Our trained professionals are respectful to you, your home, and our community.

24/7 Support

We have local, reliable support, that can be contacted 24/7 via phone, email, or text message. Support is easily accessible in minutes, not hours or days like other guys. 

Community Focused

Edge Broadband is a locally owned, family-owned, and veteran-owned business located in Whitewater, WI.

Upgrade Your Internet Services

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